Negative Keyword Tool

Negative Keyword Analysis

Looking for negative keywords is not the most enjoyable part of PPC manager’s tasks. On the other hand if you want to optimize your campaign performance, you can not skip this process. I felt the same while I managed many AdWords campaigns, so I started to think on how can I speed up this process. I knew that I need to create algorithmic solution which helps me to determine potential negative keywords automatically.

I used Google Analytics Search Query table data to analyze keywords. I started to think over the process what I am exactly doing and drill down progress for steps. My logic was that I am looking for those keywords what caused bad performance, so I should add them as a negative keywords. So the first step was that I need to create a unique keyword list based on my search queries, then I needed to filter my Search Query table for each keyword to see performance if search queries contain a specific keyword. That process works for me by manual analysis, but I can not complete the whole process, because it took many hours to analyze whole data set..

I drilled down the steps and I started to manipulate data with Excel functions. I was satisfied with results and I was interested in what could be the results with other AdWords accounts, so I wanted to publish my tool. I don’t prefer to release ugly solutions, so I wanted to create a web application what other PPC managers can use easily with a transparent layout.


Negative Keyword Tool was released

After couple of weeks I put together project parts and Negative Keyword Tool was born. It uses Google Analytics API and analyze your Search Query table data. As a result you will get your potential negative keywords and tool describes the confidence level with maybe, perhaps and likely. I am working on continuously to fine tune the algorithm to create as relevant negative keyword list as possible.

negative keyword tool results


How Negative Keyword Tool works?

If you have to deal with negative keyword analysis, don’t waist your time, try Negative Keyword Tool now, which is a really simple and free tool. You only need to log in with your Google account, choose the right Account, Property, View and Conversion and enjoy your potential negative keywords.

negative keyword tool steps


Send me a feedback

Until now I got many useful feedback, so if you have a couple of minutes, test Negative Keyword Tool and send me a feedback! I will really appreciate it!

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