Real Estate Dynamic Remarketing

In my previous blog post I wrote about remarketing strategies in the real estate field what could help you to improve ROI in your PPC campaigns. They key conclusion was that you need to segment your audience and reach a specific segment with relevant messages. For example if someone is looking for apartments in Fort Lauderdale, do not use an ad copy like houses for sale in Miami. However both visitor are looking for real estate in South Florida, but that is a higher segmentation. If you want to spend to digital marketing budget effectively in AdWords for remarketing, you need to use more segmented campaign.

We could segment our website visitors by location, property type or price, but can we go deeper? Can we create more specific segments to serve these visitors with more relevant ads? What do you think if could handle 1 visitor as 1 segment? In this case we can serve personalized ads, that would be really effective. The great news is that is possible to do that it’s name is dynamic remarketing.

Dynamic remarketing vs. remarketing

OK, we could see that there is one word difference, dynamic. But why this solution is dynamic? You will find the answer at the ads. On Google AdWords you can create banner ads, but they have static content. Dynamic remarketing ads are dynamic, so they only have a fixed layout, but the content of the ad is dynamic. In the real estate industry we handle real properties on the item level, so we can advertise specific real properties. Let me show you an example ad how it looks like.

 real estate dynamic remarketing

If ads are dynamic, how could they get my content like pictures, prices, etc? This is one of the key part of the dynamic remarketing campaign, it called dynamic display ad feed which is the database of your real property items. This blog post will only summarize the purpose of dynamic remarketing, I will create another hands on blog post how to setup your real estate dynamic remarketing campaign in AdWords.

Feed + tagging = personalized real estate ads

Dynamic ads provide visitors with personalized ads, so AdWords needs to collect visitor specific information about his interest. This is the other key part of the dynamic remarketing campaign called dynamic remarketing tagging. That is the solution how website could send data to AdWords about a user interest.

One hand we have a database about our real estate items, on the other hand we have visitor data about their interest, so that is the relationship how dynamic ad will serve personalized content with the help of AdWords recommendation system.

Dynamic remarketing is a great solution at the real estate performance marketing field. You can target your audience with really relevant ads since it uses personalized recommendations. I made a quick research how often do real estate companies uses dynamic remarketing and the result is only a few companies are using dynamic remarketing. That means if you will implement dynamic remarketing for your real estate campaigns, that will be definetly a competitive advantage.

Stay tuned, I will come up soon with the guide how to setup real estate dynamic remarketing campaigns. Until that if you have any question, feel free to send me a comment or an email.


  1. Hi there,

    Thanks for the article, it is really interesting. I was wondering how you set that up on your end. Did you have a chance to setup a dynamic remarketing campaign in the real estate industry?


    • Hello Khalifa,

      I made several dynamic remarketing campaign in real estate industry. Google AdWords released the dynamic remarketing feature earlier, but Facebook is also here with their dynamic remarketing solution, which delivers pretty good results.


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