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Have you ever seen an ad about a website what you visited before? I guess your answer is yes. That’s an important part of a performance marketing campaign called remarketing. When a user previously visited your site, the ad network marks that user and you can target him with your ads. Remarketing is available on Google AdWords and Facebook, now we will discuss about the Google AdWords remarketing campaign.

How remarketing works at real estate listings?

Remember what we discussed as a goal for a real estate performance marketing campaign? Within a given budget maximize our leads. Leads mean conversion in digital marketing.

OK, so the goal is clear, but how we can reach our goal? What is the good strategy to setup a remarketing campaign for real estate listings?

The most important word is segmentation. Let me show you two different example and you will understand why.

We know that we could target previous visitors of our website. If I handle all website visitors as one segment, that will a general segment without any specific attribute. As result I could use only a general ad copy like this.


Let’s see the other option. Segment our visitors based on property type.

Segment 1 – Apartments

Segment 2 – Condos

Segment 3 – Houses


In this case you could create more relevant ad copies, which will be more relevant to your previous website visitor. As result you will generate higher amount of clicks since click-through rate will be higher.

Segment 1 – Apartments


Segment 2 – Condos


Segment 3 – Houses


Keep in mind your remarketing campaign will be effective for your real estate listings if you create specific segments and you use specific ad copies for these segments. Google AdWords uses Audience or Remarketing List for a segment. Let’s learn how to create and use remarketing lists for our real estate campaign.

Create remarketing list at Google AdWords

After you have logged in to your Google AdWords account click on Shared library ->Audiences -> Remarketing list -> Website visitors. In the new window fill out the Remarketing list name. We will create a remarketing list for each property type, start with apartment now, so name it as “Apartment visitors”. At the next field your will see “Enter a value” text, type in “apartment” and click on the first option which says URL contains apartment. As a results you need to see this filled form.


Click on the save button. Continue this process until you add all of your property type what you have on your website. Note that this solution works only that case if your listing page URLs contain property type, but majority of real estate websites handle this.

When you are ready with remarketing lists, you need to use them in your Google AdWords campaign. You can add your remarketing list on ad group level to your campaign.

If you have any question about setting up a remarketing campaign for your real estate company, feel free to leave me a comment or email me.


  1. Hey Krisztian,

    I am also a digital marketer working on real estate projects your article will help me much to get traffic on those website. Thanks for sharing this informative piece of content.


    • Hello Bharat,

      It’s good to see that my real estate performance marketing articles help you to improve your real estate project’s performance.

      If you would like to read more about any of real estate marketing topic, feel free to email me or leave a comment.

      Thank you!

  2. Interesting Article, I like it. I stumbled across it while researching for clients.

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