Search Network with Display Select

Google launched a new campaign type at Google AdWords called Search Network with Display Select a couple of month ago. Earlier we also had a feature to merge search and display campaign named Search & Display Network campaign. The essential idea is similar at Search Network with Display Select like Search & Display Network campaign, you only need to add your keywords what you are using at search network, you don’t need to add other targeting for display network. So what is new at Search Network with Display Select?

The goal of this new campaign type to increase CTR and decrease conversion cost. That means campaign targets more relevant audience on display network to improve mentioned metrics. We still see a black box, because we don’t know exactly the algorhythm, we only need to trust in this new solution and we need to compare numbers what is the improvement of new campaign.

I know that solution is developed for smaller advertisers to help them to minimize campaign optimization work and increase results. In my opinion that is still not a way to merge search and display network, because that is an absolute different way of advertising. This solution seems that you don’t need to think at all, just increase your audience and spend more. That is not an issue if we spend more, but we need to do that with separate campaign.

If you want to advertise on display network I strongly recommend to create a display campaign, so you won’t merge different networks data, you will get clear data, you can make smarter decisions. That takes more time to setup and manage display campaign, but I am sure this investment will have a positive impact on your campaign performance.

What is your idea, do you agree with Google to develop merged campaign types at search and display network or use these campaigns separately? Feel free to comment and share your idea!



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