Superweek 2014 – European Analytics Conference

Probably you are reading this article to get more information to apply for Superweek or not in 2015. Briefly I recommend to apply, but let me share more insights with you.


Only one month has passed since conference was held, but I am still thinking on those little tips and tricks what I heard on Superweek. Imagine 3 days with 100-200 digital analytics expert from all over the world who are keen on their profession. You can start a discussion with anybody, everyone is interested in to talk about current topics.

I don’t want to copy the whole agenda, you can check on Supweek’s website, who speakers were and what was topic of their presentation. Like many other people I was really interested in to listen Avinash presentation, because his articles are really readable and I wanted to listen his presentaiton personnaly.


Avinash is a great presenter, because kept balance between how to create the show and discuss the key points of digital analytics. I can not point out an exact solution, but that was great to listen his philosophy about digital analytics.

I just checked the website and Superweek 2015 schedule is available, you need to get some days off between January 20-22.

Let’s meet at Superweek 2015 at GalyatetÅ‘, Hungary!



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