AdWords Remarketing Tips with URL Based Rules

Get out the most from remarketing

During the past few weeks I have seen many new AdWords accounts and I realized more and more clients have started to use remarketing finally. On the other hand I also realized many issue with remarketing setup, so my concern is these remarketing campaigns won’t be effective, clients will be disappointed and they will stop their remarketing campaigns with a conclusion, remarketing campaign doesn’t make sense at all.

Today I am going to show you how to avoid this situation and be successful on remarketing field to dominate in your industry, use smarter solutions then your competitor. Just one more comment before practical remarketing tips, I have some clients where we have better performance at display remarketing campaign than general search network campaign.

Segment your audience

Many advertiser think remarketing means that I implement a remarketing code, then I am going to show text ads or image ads for those visitors who have visited my site. This is too general and also ignore essential marketing strategies like segmenting and target a segment with the right message. Let me show you an example.

audience segmentationI visited a digital marketing agency website and I wanted to get more details about custom design creation for WordPress service. Later I will see a common banner ad about company website, but that would be more effective if they show me a banner about custom design for WordPress. Also if another visitor has visited URLs about PPC management, he needs to get ads about PPC management instead of common banner ad about digital marketing agency.

Create URL based remarketing lists – remarketing tip #1

Creating URL based remarketing lists are not a big deal, so you can setup within couple of minutes. Just click on the left side Shared library then click on Audience and you will able to create a new remarketing list with +Remarketing List button. But what is the tip here which is really important? Right structure.

remarketing list 1

Take a look on your website structure and find the right level of segmentation. If you don’t drill down enough, your remarketing lists/segmented audience will to broad, you won’t have a specific message which will work efficiently. On the other hand if you go down too specific, you will reach a technical limitation. Each remarketing list needs to reach at least 100 marked visitors to go live with a remarketing list. Unless you have a huge website you will never reach this limit, so whole remarketing strategy won’t work. Each website is different, but I am sure about you will find the right level of segmentation which fits with AdWords limits, but keeps effectiveness.

Exclude converted visitors – remarketing tip #2

Still a common issue if I buy something what I am not going to buy again soon (like a laptop or a smartphone), remarketing ads still visible after purchase. This is not an effective way of targeting your audience, because advertiser is only wasting his money for nothing, furthermore that could be a negative impressions for customers if advertiser still forces a product or service after purchase. That could cause a spammy feeling. So how we can avoid that? Solution is pretty easy.

adwords remarketing tips 5

You need to create a new URL based remarketing list with your thank you page URL. Let’s say this is the thank you page of your checkout process or form submission. Then you need to create a new remarketing list with custom combination which will include product page remarketing list and exclude thank you page remarketing list.

adwords remarketing tips 6

Upselling with AdWords remarketing – remarketing tip #3

I am offering a web based service and you can signup for 6 months. I don’t want to be tricky to charge next period without your permission, so I need to convince you before expiration date to continue my service. If I would use URL based remarketing I will target you immediately, but I would like to target you after 5 months, because this is the key period to continue my service. As a marketer what I can do to target a specific audience, not immediately, only after a scheduled period? We have solutions for this!

Create remarketing list A with these parameters

  • add a part of your product/service specific URL
  • add a part of your thank you page URL
  • setup membership duration for 180 days


Create remarketing list B with exactly the same parameters what we used at remarketing list A, but use 150 days for membership duration. To be honest that will more precisely if we would use AdWords tag to determine what your customer had bought, but that is OK now. Here comes the magic.

Create remarketing list C which will our real remarketing list. We will include remarketing list A and we will exclude remarketing list B, so you will able to target your audience only at the last month before expiration.

remarketing list 3

These tips show again how little smart things could increase our digital marketing effectiveness. I recommend to track you remarketing campaign performance with Google Analytics, so you can make you sure you are on the right way with your AdWords remarketing campaign.

If you get stuck somewhere feel free to post a quesiton, so you won’t loose the opportunity to increase your remarketing campaign performance.