Universal Analytics Remarketing – Smart List

A couple of weeks ago Universal Analytics came out of beta version, so finally we could create Analytics based remarketing list which was a really missing feature during Universal Analytics beta period. I wrote a blog post earlier about AdWords based remarketing lists and I will write more ideas about Analytics based remarketing lists, today I will show you a really simple feature of Universal Analytics remarketing lists which called Smart List.

In Universal Analytics you can create remarketing lists based on hundreds of different dimensions, so you have more opportunity to target your relevant audience, but more opportunity means higher complexity. Smart list is a smart algorithm which uses your past Analytics data and try to create a relevant remarketing list automatically.

Implement Smart List is so simple, go to Admin tab, choose the right property then click on Remarketing/Lists menu. You only need to add your remarketing list name, add membership duration, choose your AdWords account ID and “Save remarketing list”.

universal analytics smart list

Smart List could be useful at Universal Analytics if you have just started to deal with remarketing, but if you are familiar with remarketing best practices I still recommend to test this feature, worst case you will exclude this remarketing list from your AdWords campaign.

If you want to test this feature, keep in mind requirements, which means you need to generate 500 ecommerce transactions monthly and 10.000 page views daily.

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