User-Friendly Web Designs Can Grow Your Company

When you have reached optimal performance with your Pay per click (PPC) or SEO  campaign there are only so many things you can do to optimize further. One of the best ways to further optimize your digital marketing efforts aside from working with Analytics is to work on your website’s usability or design. As a colleague of Krisz and the owner of a Miami web design company,  I’ve learned many things about digital analytics and how to really optimize a marketing campaign. As we worked together over the years, we’ve been realizing that you can’t have a truly successful marketing campaign without a website design that is optimized too. Today I would like to share how you can check to see if your website needs help to improve it’s usability and design which ultimately will translate into better traffic quality.

Google Analytics: Measuring The Impact of Your New Web Design

First off, to understand how your traffic is behaving you should refer to your Google Analytics behavior or all traffic report so that you can let the data tell you rather than assuming your traffic quality is poor. With metrics like bounce rate, average pages per visit and conversion rate you can quickly analyze whether or not your website needs some work. If you do decide to execute a redesign, you can use comparison reports within Google Analytics to see how the changes impact your traffic quality. All major web design companies use this robust software tool to track the performance of the websites in their portfolio and it is growing in popularity among web masters too. Below are some quick explanations of what these metrics can mean to you as web site owner.

  1. Bounce Rate: A poor bounce rate is generally a result of users not finding what they want on your website or not being engaged enough to interact with your website by going to a another page. Visitors who bounce essentially are entering your website then leaving without going to a single other page.
  2. Average Pages Per Session: A high average pages per visit generally means that your visitors are engaged enough to navigate through your website and it’s many pages. Depending on what kind of website or industry you are in, this metric can be very meaningful.
  3. Conversion Rate: A conversion is the completion of an action that you specify/configure within Google Analytics such as submitting a contact form request or making a purchase on your website. Each time a visitor completes the action that you specify as a conversion, your conversion rate will be calculated. The conversion rate is simply the rate at which visitors that enter your site complete conversions. For example if your only conversion is set to track transactions and 100 people enter your website but only 5 make a purchase, your conversion rate would be 5%.

Below is an example of a comparison all traffic report which was pulled to show the increase in performance for my blog (before and after the redesign took place). As you can see the bounce rate, average pages per session and conversion rate trended in a positive direction after the redesign took place which has also helped our marketing campaigns perform much better.


It is easy to see how your traffic is performing with this type of comparison report and as best practice this type of monitoring should be used when ever you decide to redesign a website. Regardless of if you’re a web site owner or a web designer in Miami just looking to spruce up the way you manage your clients websites, this is a great method for measuring the impact of a websites redesign. There are also many other great features within Google Analytics that allow you to measure things like revenue data (for e-commerce website owners) and cost data for those advertising on pay per click networks like Google Adwords or Bing Advertising.

Ensuring Your Web Design Company Doesn’t Harm Your SEO Presence

While on the subject of web site redesigns I feel it is extremely important to touch on the fact that when you redesign your website, you need to be very cautious of harming your SEO presence that you have worked so hard for. There are many ways to accidentally harm your keyword rankings which can be very devastating if you rely heavily on organic traffic and business. When it comes to web design Miami is a melting pot of thousands of web designers that all network with each other and fortuantely I have worked with many talented web designers that have collaborated with Krisztian and myself to develop some “best practices” for executing a web site redesign without harming your SEO presence. Some of the key things to be careful for are:

  • URL changes and / or preservation
  • Content modifications
  • On page factors
  • Mobile compatibility

Very few web design companies that focus on SEO are out there so if you’re relying or organic SEO as a form of marketing then you really should consider reading my in depth post on the topic titled “SEO Check list for website redesigns” to ensure your redesign takes place without any negative effects. From time to time all companies redesign their website just to simply keep up with the changes in website technology. Hopefully now after reading this informative blog posts you will have some knowledge and guidance for monitoring and executing your redesign! Verydrone is also known as Very Drone located in Pompano Florida


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